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Smart Phone Apps

PPG develops custom apps for smart-phones - Have your own business application on your mobile device 
Phone Apps

Pre-Loaded Flash Drives

We can provide your content pre-loaded on to USB flash drives. A great way to pass on information with a branded promotional item that includes presentation content or links to your web site. Plug and play your e-message with pre-loaded content.

Custom Binders

We are masters of binder creation and all the goodies that go inside. We can produce custom binders with unique pockets and so much more.... as well as the tabs, inserts and body pages. We can design, print and gather as needed. Let us help make your bundle of information colorful and worthy of your creative content.

Envelope Printing

PPG can print your envelopes. Single color to full color paint jobs on standard or custom sized envelopes. Make you mailings unique with special messaging...

CD & DVD Duplication

Let PPG duplicate, label and package your next CD or DVD project.  Fast turns and super prices...

PPG Ironclad Guarantee

LockWe stand behind our printed product and online solutions. If the product you approved for production is not to your satisfaction, we will work with you to make it right. If you approved a project for print production and it had an error, we will work with you to re-produce it correctly at our raw production cost. We will not profit from misfortune. It's our goal to deliver solid solutions that exceed your expectations and grow a relationship that empowers all involved.

PPG Education

Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age

  1. Using Web and Print Media to Market Wisely
  2. Relationship Marketing - building brand and client loyalty
  3. Effective Direct Mail - Ways to get response
  4. Newsletter Strategies - yet another salesman for your company

Skills Classes:

  1. Web content updating
  2. Web strategies - SEO - Be found on the the web
  3. Preparing files for printing -the power of PDF
  4. InDesign - getting started
  5. Using PowerPoint Powerfully
  6. Presentation Signage - Do it yourself
Direct Mail Strategies
We produce direct mail campaigns and corresponding email campaigns.
Mailing list procurement and sales lead generation
E- Friendly Printing

Reduce your business' carbon footprint!
Start marketing with e-savvy green strategies.  Try an out of the box print promotion with PPG
Or just use electronic documentation.

Save a tree! Go E


PPG is a full service strategic communication company. Providing integrated graphic solutions in-print and on-line. We team with our clients to create communication tools that deliver results. We are a team of creative out of the box free thinkers ready to work with you to assist in bringing your product to market and helping you build your brand. We have an energetic talent pool ready to build marketing tools that will showcase your product or unique service in the best light, online via web or in print. We will use progressive technology to streamline processes within your organization and generate energy around your business and brand. We team with our clients to find the best way to deliver the right solutions. We build Communication Tools....In A Digital Age!

  • We are a graphic design firm that integrates the media tools of the modern age.
  • We are a printer that can leverage the latest print production processes to deliver a printed product that is of the best quality and economics for the intended application.
  • We are a progressive multimedia and web developer that integrates the use of online communications to enhance and streamline the dialogue between you and your customers.
  • We stand with you to empower you in communicating the target message
Creative Services:
  • Direct Marketing
  • Web and Electronic Marketing
  • Branding & Identity Development & Strategy
  • Collateral Development
  • Corporate Communications
  • Event Marketing
  • Medical Publications Illustrations and Layout
  • Multimedia, Animation and Video
  • Product Launches
  • Scientific Poster Presentations
  • Litigation Support
  • Custom Illustrations & Data Charting

  • Innovate || Collaborate || Integrate ||

Progressive strategies matched with cost effective production processes and customer focused service

Call to set up an online e-meeting and to experience an online portfolio presentation

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